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European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice - EMTPJ
20th-31st of August 2018 Course Information
1. General Description of the Course

EMTPJ is an 11-day intensive course on mediation taught in English, with the maximum number of attendees limited to 20 people. Upon successful completion of the EMTPJ course, the participants can apply to the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission, which has approved the EMTPJ’s program, for accreditation as a mediator in civil and commercial matters.

The main objectives of the course are to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of civil and commercial mediation in Europe by offering a complete basic course. The course content has been tailored with a strong awareness of civil and commercial cross border disputes. The goal is to prepare course participants to conduct mediation among parties of different nationalities in the EU.

The trainer responsible for the EMPTJ overall is Johan Billiet. Attendance is required and any unjustified absence will be recorded. This information can be passed over to a recognizing mediators center upon request. Only in case of a valid reason (illness or unforeseen circumstances), will the participants be given a possibility to retrieve missed sessions in a subsequent EMTPJ training.

The course is divided into two parts. Part One focuses on theoretical training and establishes a context for Part Two that provides practical training (e.g. by means of role plays).

The theoretical training is designed to ensure that the course meets the additional criteria specified by the mediation centres that recognize the course. The list of mediation centers recognizing this course is available on this website (please check the relevant section of the menu). Upon successful completion of the course, including the assessment, EMTPJ participants can apply for accreditation to the listed centers. EMTPJ is taught by academics and accredited mediators. It provides an insight into particularities of contract law and European cross-border mediation in civil and commercial matters. The knowledge of the participants is assessed on the last day of the course by means of a written exam.

The practical training elaborates on important mediation aspects, such as agreements to mediate, case summaries, and arrangements before, during and after the mediation. The acquired skills are assessed in practice (e.g. through conducting and analysing moot mediation sessions).

An EMTPJ assessment is organised for all EMTPJ participants on the last day of the course. In addition, the AIA may organize an IMI Assessment for those EMTPJ participants who meet the requirements for taking the IMI Assessment (Please check the requirements for taking the IMI Assessment here). If you meet these requirements and would like the AIA to organize the IMI Assessment for you, please let the AIA know about it in advance (at least one month before the commencement of the EMTPJ training).